Beelink SER8 Review


Beelink just released the SER8, a minor, but more refined update to the SER7 of last year. With this iteration the machine has moved from the AMD 7840HS/7940HS to the newer 8845HS cpu.

The 8845HS and fairly similar to the 7840HS, but with an improved AI engine. More importantly, various sources have claimed that the 8845HS is a more refined process and potentially more stable than the previous versions where some users saw issues.

The best part about the SER8? Beelink has introduced a brand new cooling system and this is one of the quietest machines I’ve ever tested, particularly under load.


CPUAMD Ryzen 7 8845HS (8 Cores, 16 Threads @ 3.8 GHz)
iGPUAMD Radeon 780M Graphics
SSD1TB Crucial P3 SSD
Connectivity(1) 3.5mm audio jack
(2) USB 3.0 ports
(1) USB-C 3.1 port
(1) USB-C 4.0 port
(1) HDMI port
(1) DisplayPort
(1) 2.5GbE Realtek Ethernet port
Wi-fi 6 (not 6e)

Benchmark Results

In our tests, the mini PC delivered the following benchmark results:

3DMark Time Spy

Overall Score: 3,363
Graphics Score: 3,033

The 780M is probably best for modern games at 720p high or 1080p low, depending on how new demanding the game is. It will easily handle emulation and older games.

Cinebench 2024:

CPU (Multi-Core): 816 points
CPU (Single-Core): 106 points

Speedometer 3.0:

Speedometer score: 21.9

JetStream 2:

Jetstream score: 346.1


Sequential Read: 5,186 MB/s
Sequential Write: 4,746 MB/s

Noise and Thermals

This is one of the best mini PCs I have ever tested for noise. The new cooling solution is exceptionally quiet.


Remained in the 76-80c range under load (depending on balanced or performance mode). SSD temperatures were much lower than in the GTR7 I tested in the past as well so they seem to have addressed this issue.


Idle Noise Level: 29 dB
Load Noise Level: 38 dB

Under load, this is one of the quietest mini PCs out there with a good noise profile.


  • The AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS is currently the fastest mobile CPU available until the release of Strix Point later this year.
  • Dual NVME slots is nice to see in the SER now
  • The 8845HS is more stable compared to the previous 7840HS that was known to have issues for some users.
  • Enhanced AI Performance: Improved AI TOPS performance. This may prove useful if you run local LLMs or for future software.

Could be Improved

  • High idle power draw: At 14w, this is one of the highest idle machines we’ve seen
  • Minimal performance increase: There is not much performance increase compared to the SER7/7840HS, primarily just offering improved stability. I’d still recommend going with this model over the 7840HS though due to stability.
  • Potential wireless issues: Some users have reported issues with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although this was not an issue for me as I tested with ethernet.


The Beelink SER8 is a minor but welcome update to the Ryzen 7000/8000 series of CPUs with improved stability, better AI performance, and an all new chassis with amazing cooling. The 8845HS is currently the best mobile cpu out right now for mini pc’s with the 780M igpu. Just be aware that if you’re not using ethernet, wi-fi may be an issue for you, but can be cheaply resolved.

You can buy the Beelink SER8 on Amazon now.

If you use this machine somewhere without ethernet, you may want to consider an external USB wi-fi adapter for the best range, or consider using MoCA adapters to transmit ethernet over your old cable coax. (I personally use GoCoax adapters at home and love them – way better than power adapters).