GMKTec M6 Review


The GMKTec M6 is a compact miniPC designed for everyday computing tasks. It’s powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 6600H processor and features integrated Radeon 660M graphics, making it a capable machine for office work, web browsing, and light multimedia tasks.

MiniPC Tier

The GMKTec M6 falls into the mid-range tier of miniPCs. It offers a good balance of performance and affordability, making it suitable for users who need a compact desktop solution without breaking the bank.

There are roughly 5 main tiers of miniPCs at this time:

  • High end gaming with a discrete gpu ($$$$)
  • High end 780M igpu (7840HS, 7940HS, 8845HS) ($$$)
  • Mid range igpu (6800HS, 7735HS) ($$)
  • Office class: Good cpu but low power igpu (ryzen 5700, 6600H) ($$)
  • Low power/file server type cpu (N95,N100,N300) ($)

I consider this miniPC to be in the office class since it still has a snappy 6-core cpu, but with a reducded number of graphics cores in the 680m igpu.


CPUAMD Ryzen 5 6600H (6 cores, 12 threads)
iGPU660M, 6 graphics cores (680M has 12 graphics cores)
Connectivity2*USB3.2 ports, 2*USB2.0 ports, 1*HDMI 2.0 port(4K@60Hz), 1*USB 4.0 port(PD/DP/DATA), 1*DP Port, 1*Audio 3.5mm (HP&MIC), 1*DC Power Port.

2 x 2.5Gbe ethernet ports
Wi-fi 6e


Geekbench 6: SC: 1962; MC: 8563

Cinebench 2024:

Multi-core score: 610 pts
Single-core score: 88 pts

Speedometer 2.0: 292

Very modest igpu benchmarks, but that’s not what this device is for.

CrystalDiskMark (NVMe SSD performance):

Sequential Read: 3544.22 MB/s
Sequential Write: 3126.69 MB/s

JetStream 2:

Overall score: 287.9

These benchmark results indicate solid CPU performance for everyday tasks such as web browsing, MS office, and lightweight video editing with the 6-core cpu. The 3dmark graphics scores are of course lower with the 660M than the full core 680M or 780M variants, but the price of course helps compensate for this.

Power and Thermals

The M6 is a reasonably efficient miniPC with the 6600H cpu.
Temperatures were kept in check while benchmarking in the low 90s range in performance mode. SSD temperatures remained around 60c which was encouraging to see.

One downside is that the idle power draw was around 11-12w, which is somewhat high for a lower-tier 6600H cpu. Most owners in the USA though won’t notice much of a difference of a couple of idle watts, though. Max power draw hit roughly 100w from the wall.


  • Affordable price point
  • Great connectivity options (Wi-Fi 6E, dual 2.5GbE ethernet which is rare)
  • Has proven stable over all benchmarking periods
  • 32GB of DDR5 RAM

Could be Improved

  • Loud and high-pitched fan noise, even on newer firmware
  • Limited 660M iGPU performance compared to higher-end (but more expensive) models
  • Idle power draw somewhat high for a lower power miniPC
  • A barebones option could be nice to use your own high end SSD


The GMKTec M6 is an affordable miniPC that offers great value for everyday office use and web browsing. Its AMD Ryzen 5 6600H processor, coupled with 32GB of DDR5 RAM and a fast NVME SSD, provides smooth performance for most common tasks. However, the integrated Radeon 660M graphics are more limited compared to other versions of the 680M with more cores, making it less suitable for gaming or graphics-intensive applications.

For users primarily focused on productivity and general computing, the M6 represents an excellent balance of performance and affordability. However, those looking for more gaming performance should consider miniPCs with the 7735HS, 7840HS, or 8845HS CPUs instead, as these offer more powerful integrated graphics solutions.

The main drawback of the GMKTec M6 is its noisy fan, which may be bothersome in quiet environments. Despite this, the M6 remains a solid choice for users seeking a compact, capable, and cost-effective desktop solution for everyday computing needs. If you keep your miniPC in an enclosed media center or under your desk the noise would probably be not noticeable.

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